Aerobid Extreme

Willie Findlay

This RTF plane by Hobbyzone comes with everything you need to fly in the box. My one came on 35MHz (Ch 76), but I have seen them advertised on 27MHz too. Controls are 3 channel with rudder and elevator on the v-tail controlled by one 4-way stick with a throttle slider control for the 540 can motor. It also has a button on the Tx for dropping bombs or parachutists from a module attachment bought separately. The electrics are built in and not transferable. On powering up the v-tail can be set for sport mode (gentle turning) or pro mode (more responsive). As a first model my early excursions ended in hitting the ground hard and the airframe proved its resilience, bar the v-tail with the thin foam crumpling easily. Even now that I can fly the Bird the fragility of the tail is still an achilles heel in transportation to and from the field.

That said after some expert tuition, I have got to grips with the model and the Bird has shown that even in the hands of a novice it can fly well. It climbs quickly and can handle a stiff breeze comfortably. It will even manage a loop. I have seen it thermal in the right conditions and I have good length flights under my belt albeit the NiCd battery will only last about 10 minutes tops. I have now also tried it as a slope soarer and it flew well in a gentle breeze. My ceiling was restricted by rolling mist and I had to feed in a lot of nose down to stop it from disappearing, but I got the impression that in a clear day it should work well with little ballast to be added.

Although this is classed as an advanced model, once shown the basics, I found that it was a good base for myself to learn to fly with its fairly forgiving characteristics. Bumps can be remedied with some duck tape and if replacements are required they are relatively cheap (wing £12, tail £7, fus £7 - is that cheap??).

Mods can be done on the tail replacing the fishing line control wires with pushrods or snakes and replacing the foam with balsa or correx for more robustness. I'll get round to that sometime soon.