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Club Events & Selected Others

ADS slope day

Sat 30 Mar 24

Venue TBA in due course, but will feature either a pylon race or static PSS competition on the day. Anything goes as far as flying is concerned.

JBMT & DDMT monthly thermal comps start

Mon 01 Apr 24 to Thu 31 Oct 24

Start recording flight times throughout the summer months and send your results on a regular basis to chairman Steve Davis.

Tuesday winch & bungee sessions at Lyne of Skene begin

Tue 02 Apr 24 to Tue 22 Oct 24

Depending of favourable conditions, it is hoped to run the winch & bungee launch glider sessions every Tuesday at LoS, running from 15:00 to around 20:00 if there is sufficient support.

First leg of the Bungee launch glider competition at Lyne of Skene

Sat 25 May 24

The Lyne of Skene site will host both legs of this popular comp. Start time to be posted nearer the event.

DLG glider competition at Hazlehead park

Sat 08 Jun 24

A new competition for DLG or hand launch gliders, run along the same sort of lines as the bungee comp.

Fun fly event at Lyne of Skene

Sat 22 Jun 24

Just as the name implies, come along for some flying fun. Balloon bursting and a limbo challenge are available if conditions prove to be calm enough.

Second leg of the ADS bungee competition at Lyne of Skene

Sat 13 Jul 24

Part 2 of the annual bungee glider competition. Scores from the first leg are added to this round, so best to make sure you are available for both.

Scale day & BBQ at Lyne of Skene

Sat 24 Aug 24

Fly anything during the day, but the scale comp. itself is limited to self built and kit built models only ....... no ARTF category this time around.

Slope day at the Knock

Sat 14 Sep 24

A hike up the Knock Hill twixt Huntly and Portsoy for soaring nuts. Details to follow.

Winch launch glider competition at Lyne of Skene

Sat 12 Oct 24

A fun competition for those with biggish winch launched sailplanes, run along the same sort of lines as the bungee events. Details nearer the time

JBMT & DDMT competitions close for the year

Thu 31 Oct 24

Last chance to enter a flying time for the month of October. The winch launch glider sessions at Lyne of Skene will also end for the season, on 22nd Oct.

Indoor flying begins

Sun 10 Nov 24

November sees the start of the indoor flying season again. Provisionally at the Jesmond Centre in the Bridge of Don on the above date. Conformation nearer the time though.