Aberdeen & District Soarers was formed in 1978 by a group of aeromodelling and model gliding enthusiasts. Main types of flying include thermal and slope soaring, however the advances in technology has seen the introduction and increasing use of electric powered models by members.

Club members fly regularly at various local flat field sites and slopes whenever the weather is suitable. Visitors and prospective members are always welcome. We also hold a number of friendly fly-ins and competitions throughout the summer months and indoor flying meetings at Bridge of Don during the winter months. If you are interested in joining ADS or learning to fly, please contact the club secretary via the email address on the Club Info page.

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There are laws to be followed when flying model aircraft. Follow the link above to the BMFA microsite that will explain all you need to know.

Trio of Newish Biplanes

Recently, a Gypsy Moth (Mike Pirie), Hawker Fury (Graham Donaldson) and Supermarine Walrus (Jim Wilson) took to the air. All three flew successfully and graced the skies around Kerloch field. Click on the pic for more. Incidentally, you can read up on Mike's build further down this page.
(Photos: Brian Cullen & Derek Robertson)

Competition Scores after Round 1

Pilot Total
Mike Pirie 1000
Stephen Davies 913
Jim Wilson 849

Pilot Flight Time
Mike Pirie 00:08:15
Stephen Davies 00:07:03
Jim Wilson 00:07:00

Breakfast Fly In

Well, the first event for a long time took place on Saturday 15th May in the shape of the Breakfast Fly In. Normally an early season opener this was delayed by a few weeks, but it was great to get an event calendar back underway. Held at Kerloch Flying Field, the near adjacent Knockburn Cafe was well placed to provide bacon rolls for the early birds before flying began. A super session was had by all and it was fantastic to see a healthy turn out of members. Click on the pick for more....
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Skene & Kerloch Days

Some occcasional favourable weather has allowed flying from the flat fields at Kerloch and Lyne of Skene.

Capers on the Cairn

Easing of lockdown restrictions meant that, as the wind was favourable, a trip to the Cairn O'Mount, the iconic soaring site for the north east anyway, was on the cards. A good turnout too!!

Back Into The Swing

With the latest lockdown restrictions easing sufficiently to allow outdoor pursuits to recommence, ADS members took advantage of some decent weather in the first days of April to Spring back into the air. Click on the pic for more.

Derek's Dashing Makeover

An old classic gets a makeover. No not Derek! But his Robbe Dash 7.

DH60 Gipsy Moth

Mike Pirie pays homage to Amy Johnson in his latest build. Read part 1 here.

Through the Years with ADS

A look back over the years at the activities of ADS.