Aberdeen & District Soarers was formed in 1978 by a group of aeromodelling and model gliding enthusiasts. Main types of flying include thermal and slope soaring, however the advances in technology has seen the introduction and increasing use of electric powered models by members.

Club members fly regularly at various local flat field sites and slopes whenever the weather is suitable. Visitors and prospective members are always welcome. We also hold a number of friendly fly-ins and competitions throughout the summer months and indoor flying meetings at Bridge of Don during the winter months. If you are interested in joining ADS or learning to fly, please contact the club secretary via the email address on the Club Info page.

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There are laws to be followed when flying model aircraft. Follow the link above to the BMFA microsite that will explain all you need to know.

Bungee Competition & Warbirds Day

Simple competition where time in the air is everything; no landing bonus, just keep it aloft as long as you can. 8 pilots challenged each other, the elements and gravity over 3 rounds. The final scorecard was as follows

1st Mike Burns - 7m 54s
2nd Stephen Davies - 4m 37s
3rd Mike Pirie - 4m 0s

Competitors in the photo applauding Mike with the trophy. Read more in members area ...

Competition Scores after Round 4

Pilot Total
Mike Pirie 3122
Jim Wilson 2498
Stephen Davies 2148
Mike Burns 781
Norrie Kerr 203

Pilot Flight Time
Jim Wilson 0024:54
Mike Pirie 00:08:15
Stephen Davies 00:07:03
Mike Burns 00:05:04
Norrie Kerr 00:05:02

Gliding Competition

Basic rules are fly your own glider with a 30 second motor run and look to land on the stroke of the 10th minute with penalties for going over time. The competition at Lyne of Skene was held over 3 rounds with the final scorecard as follows 1st Brian Cullen - 12m 42s
2nd Stephen Davies - 10m 51s
3rd Rainer Goldbeck - 9m 9s
4th Murat Kece - 7m 59s

Brian is pictured with his winnings flanked by Steve and Rainer. Read more in members area ...

Summer Slopin'

Soarers by name soarers by nature. A few shots of some of the lads at Brimmond and The Cairn ....
(Photos: Brian Cullen, Mike Pirie, Stephen Davies, Derek Robertson)

Warbird Days

An impressive turnout of warbirds took to the skies at Kerloch field on Saturday 10 July and a good day was had by all. This was folloed up with another warbirds day at Lyne of Skene on Saturday 28 August. Click on the pic for more ....
(Photos: Brian Cullen, Derek Robertson)

Derek's Dashing Makeover

An old classic gets a makeover. No not Derek! But his Robbe Dash 7.

DH60 Gipsy Moth

Mike Pirie pays homage to Amy Johnson in his latest build. Part 2 online now!.

Through the Years with ADS

A look back over the years at the activities of ADS.